Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three points in the bag

Another home game and another three points is added to the total for the season. The win puts CimBom clear at the top of SuperLig with 73 points followed by a couple of teams on 70 points which includes our main challenger now for the title, Sivas.

All in all today was a good performance with no real concerns and in fact we should have won by a bigger margin that the 1-0 as Umit Karan hit the post and there were a couple of other positions where we should have scored but only a desire to score a perfect goal and some desperate defending by kept the score at 1-0. Aykut had a relatively uneventful day in goal as the defense and the defensive midfield played extremely well in denying space and time. Mehmet Topal and Ayhan played extremely well and never stopped running with Ayhan in particular linking the defense to attack very well. Baris was another that caught the eye, what a bargain that boy has been. Using Nonda and Umit in attack was also a good tactic as both are comfortable playing with their back to goaldand screening the ball allowing others to run on. It was noticeable after Hakan came on from Nonda that we lost that outlet and I have to say that as great a player as Hakan has been its time to stop, he looked slow and heavy footed today.

Of course the goal was a result of a defensive mix up and it was such a shame that it happened to those two particular players, oh dear my heart bleeds especially after the Fortis Cup Match at Ali Sami Yen....

So our fate is now in our own hands, 4 more points from 2 matches and we will be the champions irrespective of what any other team does. The hardest game is the away match to Sivas where Umit will be missing, lets hope Lincoln is back to add some experience in the middle of the pitch as well as an attacking threat, lets also hope Sivas will roll over the same way they did just after the winter break, although I cannot see that right now.

Come on Genclirbirligi


Nathan L. Redd said...

Tebrikler, Gulay. The better team won today and to be honest, we mercifully only lost by a goal. This could have easily been a 4-0 or 5-0 defeat. Galatasaray absolutely outplayed Fener in every way and I was ashamed of how we looked. Fener looked unprepared and intimidated, while I was extremely impressed by the way GS executed their game plan. Congrats - this was a dominant GS victory, if you ask me.

Gulay said...

thanks nathan.....there was one thing I was wondering and did not want to get into that on the report but do you think there is a connection between non-turkish players and lack of passion? Having said that though Aurelio, Alex, Wederson have been in Turkey long enough to understand but really FB never showed up.

Its not all over yet though as we have Sivas away and you guys finish with Trabzon away ...... many a slip between cup and mouth....could be Sivas celebrating, who knows.

By the way I think your new site is very professional and by far the best looking English Language blog on a Turkish Team but I am having a hard time having to register on a FB site to post comments.....

Nathan L. Redd said...

gulay, yes, I do think there could be a connection there. For example, as a non-Turk myself, I don't hate Galatasaray at all. Certainly I want to win and appreciate the rivalry, but I don't hate Galatasaray or their fans. I think for non-Turks, whether it's a player or a fan, it is hard to put the same importance on this game as, say - a Champions League game or a big European game. It's a shame, though, and I think the non-Turks that have been there for a while start to appreciate the rivalry.

That has been one of my biggest complaints with Fener since I began watching them - they don't seem to place the necessary importance on Super Lig games that they should. Today was not the case, though - Galatasaray thoroughly outplayed them. I wrote an article stating that Fener didn't show up to play, but that is not to take anything away from GS. GS caused Fener to look like crap today.

haha...c'mon...register on the site. You're not selling your soul to Fener, and it would be good to have a GS fan to balance things out. If it makes you feel better, there is a certain Australian, English-speaking fan of an Ankara team that registered for the site quite some time ago :)

Nathan L. Redd said...

Oh, and thanks so much for your compliments - I really appreciate it. Oz Kanka accused me of selling out to become a big corporate site, although we have no ads and generate no revenue. The new site is really just an aesthetically more attractive version of the blog with more features. Anyway, I really appreciate the compliments.