Monday, April 14, 2008

The Shearer of the Bosphorus??

Alan Shearer who was one of the top strikers in the English Premier League caused immense damage to a team he claimed to love with his selfish quest to become the clubs top scorer. Before he retired he had seen off at least one manager, Ruud Gullit, who had put him on the bench for a game against local rivals Sunderland. After retirement he continues to cause problems, every time the team do not win, which is often, the fans call for him to take over and while he has done little to suggest he wants to he also refuses to end the speculation and so undermines managers.

My view is that Hakan Sukur is doing the same at Galatasaray. I really hope the management show him the door and ask him not to come back, of he wants today, when he has coaching experience gained the hard way and preferably well away from Galatasaray. They did that to Bulent and should do the same to Hakan to clear his influence from the club. You cannot afford to hold onto nostalgia for too long.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Not wishing to be a spoilsport, but I'm sure El Saka will put Olde Man Suker in his pocket tonight.

Cardiff V Pompey
Queen of the South (who ??) v Rangers

Now.... Kayseri v Gencler

Has a certain ring to it don't you think ??!!

Oz Kanka said...

It certainly does Sir Eski!

Musab said...

Its very obvious that Gulay is either not a Turk or not a real Galatasaray supporter.

Hakan Sukur is the greatest player to have ever emerged in Turkey. Hakan is the glue which holds the team together through thick and thin. He has always been the abi that was there for the youngsters when they most needed him and not the old SOB Feldkamp.

If a player wants to score goals for his team, how can that be a bad thing??? The goal of writing football history by being the all-time leading scorer would only invigorate a player to do everything in his power to lead his team to victory. After Shearer left, Newcastle collapsed. Of course since your ManU supporter, I can understand your hate towards Newcastle.

At the age of 37 Hakan has scored 9goals and has given 4 assists so far this season. How can you ask anything more from the man. He has always said that whenever the club no longer needs his services, he would leave. As we can see, there is nobody that can take Hakan's place comfortably.

You see throughout the years many people have bashed Hakan for a variety of reasons; his "inability" to score easy goals, his "selfish" quest to score goals for the team, or perhaps the main reason why they hate him, he's a good family man who happens to very religious and stays away from the nightlife.

Thankfully the vast majoirty of the fans view Hakan as a living god. And shame on the board who threw out our legends such as Bulent Korkmaz, Hakan Unsal, and Ergun Penbe

I've said this before and i'll say this again, if you're against Hakan, you're against Galatasaray and everything we stand for.

Gulay said...


fuck off

you are an absolute know nothing

not a turk and not a real galatasaray supporter, please.

Hakan is a cancer in the team at the moment, when players think they are bigger than the team and plot to get rid of coaches there is a real problem and if you could your head out of your ass long enough you wold also realize that.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Wow..... follow that Musab ... if you dare !!!

However, before you dare, you should ask yourself this question.....

would you feel safe if you met Gulay on a side street off Istiklal on a Saturday night after midnight ??!!

Answer .... awaited !!!

Musab said...

Gulay, theres no need to use such offensive language to a first time poster who only wishes to express his views, especially to someone younger then yourself. I am expecting an apology.

First off, Hakan would never conspire to damage the club in any way. Theres no reason for him to. He loves the club more then any of the past coaches or presidents. A direct quote from him:

"Whenever the club no longer needs me, whenever I am asked to leave, I will leave Galatasaray without any protests"

First off theres no evidence that Hakan is conspiring against anybody. Feldkamp left the club after getting into an argument with club officials. After the sadistic German left, the club has won every single league match and is now three points ahead of the scum. The morale of the players has skyrocketed.

If Hakan wanted to conspire to get rid of a manager, Gerets, Hagi, and Terim would have been sent packing much earlier then they did. Do you really believe that these managers were sent due to Hakan's "meddling"?

You see Hakan has been the victim of much slander from the Turkish media due to one simple reason. Because Hakan is a good, honest practicing Muslim family man. And of course the media dont want to give that terrible message to the children so they just write whatever their hearts want. Hakan in turn doesn't care and so doesn't take them to court.

Another thing is that Hakan is bigger then the club. One of the main reasons why Galatasray has been so succesful this season and in 2006 is because of Hakan's "abilik", his looking after of the yougner players and getting them in high morale.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. If you can't recite (comfortably) all of the trophies Hakan has won with Galatasaray, you can't ask him to leave the club.

And Gulay, please don't call Hakan the Shearer of the Bosphorous. Call him the Maradona of Mecidiyekoy. It's much more appropriate. dont let your hate of Newcastle mix with your hate of Hakan.

And to "benim eski dostum Jim" Suker is Croatian, Sukur is Turkish. El Saka is responsible for a goal by Hakan against Konya in 2006. Of course I would be very comfortable with meeting with Gulay in Istanbul, there's a really good Kahveci in Zeytinburnu where we can enjoy a good cay and discuss CimBom.