Sunday, April 06, 2008

Call that a pitch......

You can always tell when you move away from the big city and travel out into the backward parts of the country because the pitch on which soccer is played starts to resemble a cabbage patch rather than a lawn. Obviously the good people of the second city have been feeding their cows in the stadium because that pitch was nothing short of a disgrace and not fit for SuperLig, which is probably ok because with this weekends results the two teams that play there are heading down the Lig again.

So despite Galatasaray management shooting themselves in the foot by parting ways with Fedkampf just before the weekend games the team managed to get a win which keeps us only 2 points behind Brazilbahce. Whatever you think of Feldkampf he has achieved good results with a limited squad and budget. Despite losing Linderoth and Lincoln to long term injuries and Song to the African Nations Cup and having to use a team mainly based on young Turkish players to be only 2 points behind the Kadikoy money bag means he has done well. He has made the team fitter and faster and even though Hakan is now doing his best Alan Shearer impersonation, that s hangng around long after his sell by date the team has improved and I think we can look forward to the next couple of seasons. Of course the 5-1 loss to Leverkeusen was poor but these things happen, look at Newcastle this season against as well as AS Roma last season and Besiktas Liverpool.

Anyway I though the game today was agricultural to say the least playing on that cabbage patch and skill was at a minimum. The goal from Lincoln was a good one though probably the best piece of skill in the game. Still thats three more points and with Besiktas beating Sivas and CimBom still to host Brazilbahce things are still tight.


Oz Kanka said...

One day... I'm going to put a contract out on this blog...

Well. I'll at leat wait until we take you lot out of the Turkish Cup. Did you lot scam that match or what?

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Ahem cough cough..... my dear Gulay, while you have been swanning it in style in NooJoysay, we have been living through a Turkish Winter 1,000 metres above sea level.

We have quite a few snow storms to contend with this season, not to mention bucketting rain for the past few weeks.

Also, for some strange reason the TFF allowed OFTAS to play their matches at 19 Mayis Stadium with their 39 loyal fans !!

Therefore, it is no real surprise that 19 Mayis is in such a bad state after such a fierce winter.

Armed with all those facts I'm sure you will agree that we do our best here in the Capital City of Turkey to provide footie for the fanatiks !!

By the way, you didn't thank Oz Kanka for the generosity of presenting you with 3 points !!!

Gulay said...

i thought that was a given......anyway talk about scam what about brailbahce....alex (pen) a.n.other 90+5 ....sound familiar