Sunday, May 04, 2008

Touching distance

Thank goodness that is over....the stress is too much at times. For a neutral that was probably a good match to watch, 8 goals, end to end attacking but as a fan it was horrible...

I am not sure whether the defending was poor or the attacking was of such a high grade but I must admit the ComBom defense looked at its most vulnerable this season, big holes, uncertainty and occasional panic certainly contributed to the scoreline and nerves in this observer at least. I would imagine a central defender should be on the shopping list for the summer and a new right back if Sabri leaves for Italy, although there are one or two defenders in the squad so maybe thats not a top priority.

As for Sabri, after some awful performances earlier in the season the last couple of games he is back to something like his best which is as an attacking full back. If he does go to Italy he will fit right in though with his attitude and ease with which he goes to ground.

Some good goals from both sides although there were also a couple of dodgy ones, the second Sivas goal may have crossed the line but there should have been a fee kick to GS earlier in the action. Hakan was offside for goal 5 but I am not sure how much real difference that made, except to the average. Arda claimed a hat-trick with some well taken goals but I think the best was Ayhans from 30 yards out.

Why on earth the team did not play like this against Kasimpasa I do not know because if they had we would now be Champions!!

Anyway all to play for next week at home to Genc Oftas where as long as we do not lose we will be Champions irrespective of what the Kadikoy mob do. Heres hoping Trabzon do the business although I have a feeling neither Sivas or BJK can finish second even if they level on points due to their worse goal average.

We are within touching distance, despite no coach and what is basically a home grown team......

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