Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Never mind the bol*****

That right, never mind them, I mean just knee them.

What an idiot is Volkan Demirel the alleged goalkeeper from Kadikoy. There is absolutely no excuse for what he did and all the dribble about how Lincoln insulted his mother, sister, girl friend, auntie, cat, dog etc. etc. are just pathetic excuses from someone who is still in his mind a three year old.

Setting aside the team issue here I am going to comment as a Turkish woman. If Volkan was by a bad chance related to me I would be embarrassed by his display of so-called Turkish manhood. It might surprise you to know that I and many women see nothing heroic, brave or manly about kneeing someone in the testicles in an effort to defend our honour, indeed it sickens me to think that you believe we need such defence. I tell you we are quite capable of defending our own name and honor and do not need hairy arsed men to do that for us. Grow up. No doubt there are also women out there who think what he did was noble and I have the same answer, grow up you dependency freaks.

Anyway back to the game. Galatasaray 2-1 Brazilbahce. 4 red cards, 3 for Brazil and 1 for some unknown reason to Lincoln, maybe for falling over after the kneeing. Anyway this give CimBom the chance for the first silverware of the season if it is the Fortis Cup. In truth I am glad we scored a couple of goals after the dismal performance in the last couple of games.

There was a good quote after the game from some so called manager from the Kadikoy mob."Volkan is not going to be insulted by some Brazilian, he had to defend himself" So what does he do when Zico, R Carlos, Alex etc. call him an idiot ?????? Hilarious


Oz Kanka said...

Only saw the highlights but that seemed like one hell of a heated match.

On a completely different matter, you may like this

dismenore said...

Volkan is big liar. he don't know english. he said "why penalty why penalty ?" in Switzerland match