Friday, March 07, 2008

The 5th minute of 7

SO its not just L'Arse who get 7 minutes of additional time and score in the 5th, it seems that BJK also are the grateful receivers of such generosity. How can this happen.

After a blog less week I ma back refreshed and raring to go, or at least I was until today's match when I remembered what a mess CimBom are making at the moment. After beating the mafia its been downhill. SO come on lads get a grip refocus and lest put a few goals past Kayserispor who are only 6 points behind us. Of course the other top teams have matches against the teams occupying good Superlig space like Ankargucu and Vestel Manisa so I can see Galatasaray slipping this weekend as they have been playing crap recently.

On another topic I see Herr Splatter has been making another complete idiot of himself. Life time bans and court action for dangerous tackles....what a laugh. I mean corrupt presidents can survive but mistime a tackle and you lose your career. What a filed day this will give the Eyeties and all the other diving, cheating bastards who will be feigning injury to get top players suspended for long periods and even arrested. Here's an idea, citing like in rugby. If there is a feeling that someone escaped punishment, check the video and irrespective of that the referee did have the power to ban and fine in addition to any mandatory punishment. However the good part would be that the Kadikoy mob would run out of players before the end of a season......

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