Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snowy Sunday

So the Galatasaray game was postponed due to the weather in Konya today. This means that Galatasaray drop from the top spot in the SuperLig and hands the psychological advantage back to Kadikoy unfortunately as a game in hand is only useful of you win it.

In the real world the fall out from the decision to allow religion to invade Universities continues to rumble on. While I am absolutely not a fan of the AKP, Erdogan and Gul I do not blame them for trying to achieve what Erbakan failed to do a few years ago. Personally I think they will not rest until Turkey is Islamified in terms of its law and culture. The people I blame most for this are Baykal and the intellectual pygmies in the CHP etc. who have failed to provide any form of leadership or counterpoint to the AKP. It seems to me they have been waiting for the Army to intervene and restore them to power if AKP go "too far". Well I am not sure the Army will intervene in this case and I hope they do not but goodness me do we need a credible Political opposition.

I am not exactly holding my breath though for this to happen.


J said...

firstly, congratulations on a good blog. I tend to read it every week to see your take on the GS match. secondly, for those of us who are religious, please stop talking about religious people in Turkey as if we're one big mess of backward know-nothings. i understand you have the right to say what you want, of course you do, but most of here are here to read about GS and your love for Cimbom. tesekkurler sister...
All the best

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I agree with `J`. This `turban` thingie is not about religion... it is about politics !!

Let's not worry about it. Let's worry about more important things, ie, what will happen if Ankaragucu is relegated ?

Will Kenan Evren return to Bakanlik from Marmaris and reinstate them in the Super League where they have a God given right to be ??!!

All these question demand an answer and the thought of Ankaragucu going DOWN is the same as saying the Titanic is unsinkable !!

Did I just say that ???

Gulay said...

You are right I am entitled to my opinion and you are also right Sir Eski I believe its all about politics and power. My biggest problem is with the sheer incompetence of the opposition parties in Parliament although I expect nothing less of the MHP with their right wing nationalist stance and desperate desire to gain any constituency. I am sure there are a lot of people who voted fro the AKP who are regretting their decision now but the sheep like mentality we Turks have, and whihc is hammered in to us during our school days, allowed the Sultanate to exist, allowed Ataturk to make the changes he did and is now I fear allowing a slow creeping influence of Islam on the State. I have no problem with individuals who practise a religion...except when they seek to dictate and impose on me and others what is allowable and what is not. This ranges from Catholics and condoms and Islam and the headscarf.

yusakozak said...

sister thanks for your one is gona force you to wear hijab. i will be the first one to defend you on that count...if they do, they are not practicing true islam.

Internation Musing said...

The influence of the Greek Orthodox church in Greece and Cyprus plays an even more important rule in Greece state affairs as well in peoples private life.
There are three conservative parties in the Turkish parliament.
Next elections I am going to offer my services (PR, advertisment and as a strategist.) for free to the LDP, the Liberal Democratic Party of Turkey.
Btw, I live in Macka, so I am a Besiktas fan. Hope I am not on dangerous grounds here, writing a comment..))

Internation Musing said...

In the last paragraph, your are mentioned there: