Sunday, January 14, 2007

This says everything

You know when you have won an argument when people start swearing and being insulting. I support Galatasaray and as Murat says diss and generally have a go at Fenerbahce, its players, management and supporters. This rivalry and I would say that most of my comments are normal and natural for a supporter of the most successful team in Turkey to make about the next most successful team. I also criticize my own team and the players when its deserved, which is most of the time at the moment!!!!!

So I was a bit put out but not very surprized when I got this comment about a recent post. Apologies for the language but it is not mine!

"Hey Gulay bitch, have you ever tasted Sukru Saracoglu atmosphere? 52500 full erected cocks waitin for u! GS tastes it every year and never get fulls, wants more and more and more.. Your wide cunt will like also it! Try sometime ;)"

All this because I put a picture of a crying Rustu on my post. Of course this was posted by Anonymous.

How brave you are posting garbage like this, I guess you have a severe personality disorder and maybe were rejected by a girl because of your inadequacies, that is supporting a losing team, and probably have a very small penis. If you were a man at all you would put your name to your comments.

And by the way Galatasaray won the league last year even we lost at that cesspool in Kadikoy because its all about consistency not just beating one team. Also we have to play there every year because thats the rule of the league. By the way did you forget the Turkish Cup final result 5-1 I think it was, but obviously with such a small brain you cant remember things like this.

If there are any intelligent Fenerbahce fans out there that can engage in debate bring it on but otherwise I have to assume all are like this!

Anyway enough about that.

Great game today in the EPL, Newcastle -Tottenham. I thought it was a very, very exciting and great game. Why do we never get games like this in the SuperLig? Why is the standard so average?

Anyway thats all for now


Oz Kanka said...
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Oz Kanka said...

You should be proud to have pissed someone off so much. The worst comment we have ever got was somone calling us a "bunch of loosers". At least your bloke can spell.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

No comment about the Anonymous `person` (?) who supports Fener.....spit... bahce !!

Hey Gulay, concerning your comment about exciting great games, why don't you come to 19 Mayis Stadium in Turkey's FIRST city and see ANKARAGUCU in full steam ahead mode. If you do, I will protect you in Gecikondu !!!

Gulay said...

well if you pay the airfare.......

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Mmmmmmmmm, OK then....... I'll send you a DVD of ANKARAGUCU winning the Turkish Cup Final on 28 February.

Will that do ??!!

Gulay said...

i can hardly contain my excitement...