Monday, January 22, 2007

Murat goes to the dogs...

Taking heed of the criticism in the last edition of Amerikan Turks Hitch Hikers Guide to Turkish Blogs, I decided that I should post about dogs. That is the furry, 4 legged versions as my previous post was about the other type.....

The weather in New Jersey has turned wintry at last. It snowed Friday for the first time this winter so officially winter is now here although it has been cold for a couple of weeks now. Well when I say snowed there was about 2 inches of the stuff Friday morning and more came down Friday evening.

Of course when this happens the Town send out its grit and salt trucks and they spread a thick layer of crushed rock salt and sand on the roads. Now if any of you have dogs you will know that dogs paws and rock salt do not mix too well. So Saturday morning was the first time I had to deal with that this year and I spent most of the walk sorting out Kimi and Lucky's paws so they would stop limping like bad actors!!

Sunday morning dawned cold and blue sky so off to the local forest/park. The nearest place for us is a park that is based around an old rail road trail. This means that there is a nice flat path for the lazy and then there are lots of side trails that are clearly waymarked to take you up in to the surrounding hills. The Husband uses this area for mountain biking so you get the idea.

Anyway we followed a couple of the side trails and the dogs got some fresh air, without seeing any bears!


Eski Kanka Jim said...

I was out walking in the fresh air today too....... in Altin Park.

After the frustrations of the weekend it helped..... well, a little !!

Kisses to the dogs from Eski Kanka XXXX.

Oz Kanka said...

Gulay said: "Taking heed of the criticism in the last edition of Amerikan Turks Hitch Hikers Guide to Turkish Blogs"

... ahhhh what criticism?

Gulay said...

Well I seem to recall Murat mentioning that despite the word dog in the title there were never any posts about dogs (of the wet nose, 4 legged furry kind, not FB supporters ) so i decided to change this.