Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year....again,

So thats another year done and dusted. A year older but not necessarily wiser!!!!!!

Here in New Jersey it was a mild of damp New Years eve. The Husband and I decided not to go out as the roads are crawling with cops and even if you don't have a drink there are too many other headcases out there who may have and think they can drive! So we stayed at home and watched a couple of movies, the new Pirates of the Caribbean and a classic, the Magnificent Seven. Its the first time I had seen the Magnificent Seven as I am not that keen on westerns but the Husband persuaded me and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Yul Bryner was certainly a charismatic man!!!!

Then around midnight we watched the neighbors letting of fireworks and trying to burn themselves. There are some very stupid people around I have to say!! Of course the dogs got a bit frightened from the fireworks so we then spent an hour calming them down.

I once spent New Year in London at Trafalgar Square but I have to say that these days the thought of going to Times Square or similar leaves me cold! I mean, you cant a get a drink, you cant get a toilet, you get your bag snatched and all to do what? Count down from 10!!!! Big deal.

Great post from Murat over at AmerikanTurk about the numbers of people who ended up in hospital as a result of injuries incurred in murdering animals in Turkey for the Kurban Bayram. Idiots! I wonder what will happen to such displays of tasetlessness if Turkey reaches the EU?

Anyway thats a whole post with no mention of football as according to Sinan over at Turkish Soccer Have a Take I have no right to talk about that game, why because I am a woman?

Anyway back to the Liverpool-Bolton match!


Oz Kanka said...

Happy New Year Gulay. Ignore Sinan and keep raving on. Your thoughts may be weird, biased and just plain wrong but are always enjoyable (especially when Galatasaray lose).

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yeah...... agreed. Keep on posting and blogging Gulay.

I particularly love the posts when you are nasty to me and all us ANKARAGUCU hooligans !!!

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year from me too to you and your handsome hunky husband (you remember him don't you - he's the one who doesn't like oriental belly dancers ??!!!

Oz Kanka said...

What has really impressed me though is Sir Eski Kanka referring to "posts" as opposed to his old style of referring to "blogs". Seems like you can teach an old dog new tricks.