Saturday, October 28, 2006

First city first

So relatively normal service resumes in the Super Lig with an Istanbul team beating one from somewhere else. Galatasaray, whilst not playing particularly well beat Genclirbiligigigigi 1-0 with a goal from the grand old man of Turkish football Hakan Sukur. Looks like we will be staying in 4th place whatever happens in the other games unless Trabzon score a bucket load, which with the odds that Gokdeniz may lay on the game is not impossible!!!!!

Wonder when we will get a sober post from the Kanka's??????

I have been somewhat underwhelmed by the season so far with CimBom stumbling form 1 draw to another and the fiasco in Europe is just embarrassing. At least of we were playing at Ali Sami Yen instead of the Olympic stadium there would be some atmosphere! In part the emotion of the way last season finished with the big spending, no class cheats being pipped at the post by the supposedly bankrupt classy team is unlikely to be topped this season. In fact with the way that Vestel Manisa are playing we could be looking at a champion from outside of the big 3 and the Kadikoy mob. So lets hope that Manisa repeat last years performance tomorrow against the budgies. I have to say I wonder just how long Aziz and his mates in the TFF will allow this situation to carry on, I mean where are all the last minute "penalties" and basketball goals that happened last season????? Oh yes Nobhead is at Besiktas and Anelka is at Bolton, strange how the team is struggling for those kind of advantages with only Alex the deciever left.

I see there is now a FB blog in English although compared to the blogs about the other teams it is of course of lower class. For example the writer appears to believe that that permatanned moron Halak Ulusoy is GS's best supporter....what planet has this guy been living on and how much does he really know about about Turkish Soccer!!!

Anyway must go and celebrate a good day, GS and Man Utd winning, the only downside being that the English equivalent of the budgies, Chavski, complained, whinged and cheated their way to a win as well, just goes to prove that class is independent of money......


Oz Kanka said...

Not quite sober but the report is up. Well done Gulay, but boy do I wish I could wipe the smirk off your face. Looking at the first half though (which is all I saw) I reckon you lot deserved it.

By the way, glad to see you blogging away again. We missed you. One of the blokes who reads our blog here in Ankara but never comments actually asked where the hell you were. I had no idea he had even seen your blog.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yeah, OK, so, reluctantly, well done CimBom from me too. If you can beat The Mighty Gencler then there is still hope for Tuesday in Holland !!!

However, if Mr Koeman again uses revolutionary tactics it may not be a night for celebration ??!!

Nathan L. Redd said...

Hi, thanks for the mention on your blog, although it was rather derogatory. I don't claim to have been a Turkish futbol fan all of my life, nor am I Turkish, for that matter. However, once I started watching Turkish futbol (before I became a Fenerbahce fan), I realized that Ulusoy was indeed the world's biggest Galatasaray fan. That, among many other things, led me to become a Fenerbahce supporter.

I hope you enjoy my low-class blog.

Eski Kanka Jim said... I detect an Istanbul war breaking out ???

A piece of advice.... you should try and copy the kankas in Turkey's FIRST city, ANKARA. We support each other's teams and never fight..... well.... at least not often !!!!

Oz Kanka said...

Wait until this weekend Eski Kanka. It's Ankara derby time and your name is mud in my book

Gulay said...

seems a bit touchy

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Well ... Gulay.... he is an Aussie and you know how macho and touchy they are !!

However, I love it when he is mad at me and I'm looking forward to seeing his face on Sunday at 4pm he he he ho ho ho !!!

That's optimism for you !!

Oz Kanka said...

Eski Kanka said: "However, I love it when he is mad at me"

Bloody hell, you make it sound as if we are lovers.