Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Washing Machine springs a leak

Unfortunately Vestel Manisa could not continue their good form and lost 3-2 to the team from Istanbul that is not the champions. As I mentioned in my previous post I wondered how long it would take for normal service to resume in the Super Lig and lo and behold what happened, the team that was playing well and leading the league cam up against the Kadikoy mob and promptly lost...coincidence I don't think so. I mean lets face it if you were Aziz and had spent so much money last season for nothing and had emptied the coffers again to buy the Brazil B team plus other assorted mercenaries, rather than developing good young Turkish Players then you would also have to make sure that you got a return on your investment!!! I mean how good are the Kadikoy mob in reality, they could not even beat Newcastle who are pretty poor at the moment!!! (Not that the Champions are much better at the moment, Mondragon get some new gloves!). As a supporter of the only Turkish club to win anything in Europe I can safely say that that situation will not change this season, unless Besiktas wins something!!!

Galatsaray face a difficult game this week in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE but should have the capability to beat PSV, lets hope the team that played the second half at Anfield turns up and not the other team.

Turns out Nathan does not have much of a sense of humor, or is extremely sensitive, anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not the biggest fan of the Istanbul team who is not 16 times CHAMPION, get a life and lighten up is what I say!!!! I mean how can you honestly support a team that wins games from outrageous dives for last minute penalties (almost any game last season), deliberate and blatant handballs (Anelka against Konya, wants its main rival kicked out of the ;league for being poor!, wants to increase the number of non-Turkish players from 6 (ie have a full 11 team of Brazilians) and basically cheats its way to points!!!

From the first city.....

We might be poor, cant


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Agreed. Very disappointing result in Manisa.

There is another explanation.... perhaps the Manisa coach is eyeing Fener as his next move and didn't want to upset the apple cart ??? Just a thought from a devious Eski Kanka !!!

As I said before, good luck tonight in CimBom's MUST WIN match. Nothing else will do !

Gulay said...

Well that's unlikely (but then gain this the SuperLig) as he dont speak Portugese.....and yes we need as much luck as we can get for tonight