Sunday, May 14, 2006

they thinks its all is now...

45 minutes between glory or despair. I am so glad I dont support the team Denizli are playing after spedning all that money for it come down to the last game must be really emabarrasing!

Come on Denizli, come on cimbom.

So the second half starts, or at least it should, once again in Denizli there is a delay whilst the paper is cleared and the flares are lit and thrown hitting the police. so no there is an advantage to the team Denizli are playing. Flares are now thrown at Ali Sami Yen to try to even up the time I guess. Now they have a three minute advantage but who cares because


In Denizli the bullshit continues and now there is almost 5 minutes difference between the matches, so we all know what will happen. Once the GS match is finished one of the Brazilians will dive and be awarded a penalty, just watch, what a disgrace as if stabbing and killing opposition fans is not enough for the Kadikoy shit.

My nerves would improve if Mondragon stopped dropping the ball. In Denizli, Luciano punches someone in the face directly in front of the referee which 999/1000 times would have been a red card but today we know where the championship is going if the TFF have their way. In Denizli cokehead Daum is complaining but really they should be down to 10 men now. Again more delays as the pitch is cleared, how much paper do the Denizli fans have. Of course in Istanbul Ilic is given a yellow card for playing after a whistle, compare and contrast readers. And now its started, FB players diving like the Olympics and thankfully the referee booked the first one.

Denizli are unlucky when Rustu flattens an attacker and guess what, no penalty.

In Istanbul, Galatasaray should have scored when Hasn Kabze was clean through only to trip over the ball.

77 mins and Ilic is replaced by Ayhan, we hold what we have.

In Denizli "Hand of God Part II" replaces Nobhead and the Denizli goalkeeper gets booked for not punching a player in the face. In Istanbul, Hakan misses an open goal and Necati replaces Hasan Kabze.

10 minutes to go, haydi cimbom, haydi denizli. Into the second packet of Winstons now......sweating, pulse rate 300, blood presure way too high...


and in Denizli the roosters goal keeper is knocked out by Lucian0 who should of course have been sent off earlier and again the pitch is covered with paper.....which of course will give more additional time.

3 minutes to go and the Brazilians and French are diving as if this is the high board at the Olympics.

Suddenly it all changes

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss denizli 1-0

Even the Lig TV commentator has lost his voice...

3 minutes extra in Istanbul and 16!!!! in denizli and the FB fans are destroying Denizli's stadium, way to go......

This is horrible the waiting.......

96 mins FB score 1-1 with all the delays there is till time for a winner how much longer will they play!!!!

99 mins and still and again the Denizli keeper is injured....

How much longer...this is a nightmare

And finally its all over

Galatasaray Champions

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