Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Six foreigners

Well hello and good evening.

Tonight a few things that occurred to me about the six foreigner rule in Turkish football. Tomorrow comments about some of the recent statements made by Sepp Blatter, or Splatter, with regard to being a non-corrupt, non-biased head of FIFA and having the best interests of the game at heart.

First though the foreigner rule in Turkish Football. I don't know about you readers out there but personally I think this is a good thing. First it helps keep the league slightly more even as being limited to only six non-Turkish players teams have to identify and develop local talent. Whilst this can mean that the less rich clubs simply become feeder or farm clubs for the Big 4 it is refreshing to see the numbers of good Turkish players being developed as a result of this rule. If you drop it then the bigger clubs would I believe simply fill the teams with foreigners in a desperate attempt to buy success. This would not be good for two reasons. First anyone who watches the EPL cannot fail to be slightly annoyed when L'Arse turn out a team with no English players, similarly for Bolton and one or two others. But does this increase your chances in Europe as some people like to believe. Well Liverpool won the Chimps League last year with a mixture of foreign and local and L'Arse could win it with a totally foreign team so I guess nothing is proven. But as a number of the players at L'Arse have come up through the youth team, just how foreign are they?

I suspect that the Turkish Clubs who could afford it would simply go shopping through the agent books to identify the finished articles to achieve the instant success demanded rather than taking on younger players and developing them. Of course the less rich clubs may end up doing that. But at what cost to Turkish players and the National Team. As Oz Kanka rightly reminded me representing your National Team is the highest honor but do we really want to go back to 8-0 losses and headlines like "England stuff Turkey"???? Because our top teams develop no local talent and the National Team has to feed on scraps, or use German born Turks playing in the Bundesliga?

Comments please.


Oz Kanka said...

Gulay will you stop being so damn sensible. I've agreed with everything you've written in the last few weeks and I'm beginning to pine for the days when I could rant against practically anything you said.

I basically support the six foreigner rule for all the reasons stated by Gulay above but it does have one unfortunate consequence.

The rule inflates the prices and wages of Turkish players because Fener or Galatasaray would probably find it easier and cheaper to fill the whole team with foreigners.

If they did, it would force the Turkish players to lower their wage expectations and would probably lead more to go and play in Europe. At the moment only a few actually play abroad, and even fewer in really tough leagues.

Gulay said...

Wait for the next post, that should get you in full rant mode again!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Gulay you are no doubt beaming after today's train-wreck in Izmir.

Gulay said...

Of course