Monday, May 15, 2006

On a related subject

I am still coming to terms with the events of Sunday so please forgive me whilst I comment on another football related matter.

I see that Chelski are determined to assemble the most egoistic squad in the history of the English Premier League. Michael Ballack has of course joined them on a free transfer and will recieve huge amounts of money each week to play for themn after the World Cup. According to his Press Conference, Chelski are a better and stronger team than Man Utd. ON the basis of the last two seasons that is probably a correct assessment and even the Husband a fanatic Manc agrees, painful as it is for him, with this. But as he says if you are supposed to be one of the best players in the World why join Chelski, why not prove you are one of the greats by joining Man Utd, Tottenahm, Liverpool etc. and proving you have the ability to push them to the same level as Chelski. In my opinion Frank Lampard is one of the best midield players in the EPL and probably Europe at the moment. So why do Chelski need him? and why does he think he will succeed there given the abundance of talent the Portugese bloater has at his disposal, Lampard, Essien, Makelele, Cole, etc. etc. or is he going to join Shaun Wright Philips on the bench or better still disrupt the balance of the team like Veron did at Man Utd a few seasons ago.

And now Chelski are linked with Schevchenko. If Splatter is serious about greed and distortion in the game maybe there has to be some control pover the squad build up, like the six foreigner rule in Turkey otherwise the rest of the EPL, including Man Utd might as well not bother turning up as Chelski simply scoop up all of the available talent and dont bother developing their own.

I think tomorrow or Wednesday I will be able to examine the season with balance and reason!

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Gulay said:
"I think tomorrow or Wednesday I will be able to examine the season with balance and reason!"

That'll be a first.