Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mr Bush and Football

I thought by way of a minor diversion to bring the following to your attention as it involves two things important to me, football and football, and also helps reveal why the USA will probably never win the World Cup.

George W was asked quoted recently regarding his knowledge and attitude to the beatiful game. For the full text read here together with some reader comments. W and the beautiful game.

Probably the most interesting statement was "And some of us older guys are now beginning to understand the significance of the World Cup around the world. It is the major sporting event worldwide" followed by "they tell me we've got a good team". So there you have it the Football World CUp is the major sporting event in the Wolrd, eat that NBA, NFL, NHL who are under the mistaken belief thaht the inclusion of Canadian Teams somehow makes their end of season play-offs "World Series". But then as was found in a recent study most Americans would have trouble finding their ass with both hands, the notion of the World is I guess fairly hazy, so I its not really a great shock.

Still at least the Pres knows the World Cup is on. Actually for the first time all 64 matches will be shown live over here on ESPN and abc so I guess the Husband will be using some sick and vacation time for the England matches!!!

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Oz Kanka said...

At least George Bush has heard of the World Cup. Let's hope he doesn't make a fool of himself and try and play the game like he did when he was in Pakistan and tried to play cricket.