Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Storms etc...

After the last post when I felt optimistic we had the Gaziantep match with what was probably one of the worst referee displays for a long time, anyone who thinks match fixing and ref buying is over because the chief cheat is in jail obviously overlooked the fact that the TFF boss is a huge Kadikoy fan, hence the fact they still are in Superlig.

Anyway once we were able to keep 11 people on the pitch the Kayseri Spor game was a return to form.

However I was only able to watch the Kayseri Game via an intermittent wireless broadband connection due to the winter storm which took power out on Saturday and 4 days later we still don't have power back. Having no power means no water, as the well pump does not work, no heating etc. and its about 5C during the day and -5 at night.

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