Saturday, November 26, 2011

Almost cheated

After the Husband watched Manchester draw against 14 man Newcastle, and I challenge anyone to defend the penalty decision.....the GS match gave evidence of more referee incompetency and inconsistency.

There is  no doubt that Engin had to be sent off, you cannot head butt another player, even if he has just pushed you in the back. Elmanders red card seemed a bit harsh, he had to put his foot down, looked bad in slow motion but at full speed was  just clumsy. Of course somehow the Sivas goalkeeper somehow only yellow carded for the penalty foul, even though he was last man and denied a clear goal scoring opportunity, did not get another card for the push to Engin and stayed on the pitch.

Anyway we won and scored even if it came at a price, obviously GS are still far from having the refs on their side, no surprise with the TFF chairman dressing in FB underwear!!

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