Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catching Up

Well after 5 days without power earlier this month we finally got off the generator and got water, lights and heat back. I can fully understand the desperation of the people in the Van area who are having to live in tents while the temperature is below freezing and the snow is coming, still I am sure that with a bit more praying the wonderful leaders of ours will resolve the situation. Of course in an effort to deflect criticism we have an apology and a figure pointing from our glorious leader - I guess the next target is Ataturk and the restoration of the Caliphate. And the real problem is the lack of discussion because the internet is censored to suit Islamic taste, the press is muzzled because any criticism and we will arrest you, and then Syria is criticized!!!!

On the soccer front GS as usual failed to take advantage of a slip a couple of weeks ago and have only taken 2 points from their last two games and failed to score a goal. The home match against Mersin was particularly frustrating. We would only be a couple of points behind the cheats if we could have have just scored a goal, although the referreing does not exactly help.

Cuneyt Cekir, is he the the worst ref of all time or what. Having watched him kill the GS - BJK match with his incessant whistle blowing, a match that the TFF should provide BJK with a large fine and stadium ban, we then had to suffer him play to the strengths of Benfica as the Portuguese team spent more time looking at the grass than they did vertical, and free kick after free kick and incorrect offside decision after another. Oh by the way does anyone know what the two extra officials are supposed to do, seems to me they contribute nothing.

So going into todays match we have a chance to close the gap to 3 points so long as we score and win.

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