Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh well...

So the season is finished and Galatasaray came up short by finishing fifth due to a last minute goal in the 25th minute of injury time scored by FB in Trabzon. So no European soccer next season that will belong to Besiktas and Sivas in the Champions League and Trabzon and FB in the Europa League.

For all the BJK fans out there I hope you dont draw Liverpool again......

Personally I cant see any of those teams progressing very far ikn the repsective competitions although if Mustafa Denizli stays at Besiktas they may have a better chance than the others. Turkish teams used to have an advantage in the hoime matches due to the stadium atmosphere but in these days of global tv coverage everyone knows what its going to be like.

Now we await the inevitable clear out of players from GS as well as the serch for a new coach who hopefully will last more than half a season this time.

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