Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching up

So after a break whilst I was in the UK for a few days I thought I should catch up on posts.

Thanks to dodgyturk deciding to spread the matches around I finally found the GS - Ankara 1 match whihc was settled relatively early on when a clear foul on Lincoln lead to a penalty which Baros clinically dispatched. After that not much happened until someone get sent off and then n ot much happened again.

Did not see the GS - Ankara 2 match but the result was satsifcatory.

So now we get to the last rtwo matches where although we cannot win anything we can act as Kingmakers in the League this season as we play Besiktas and then Sivas in the last two matches. If we beat Besiktas and Sivas win this weekedn then the season goes to the last match of the season, still I am not sure we can beat Besiktas unless we get the same referee that FB had a couple of weeks ago.

It promises to be interesting though

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