Monday, May 04, 2009


So when is a three match ban actually a three match ban???? Somehow the animals from Kadikoy miss one SuperLig game after their part in the GS - FB fight because their club played in the meaningless Fortis Cup and so they were able to play against Besiktas whereas GS will miss the players for three 3 Lig Games. Something stinks about that but then again its the TFF and FB so no real surprise there.

Add to that a referee who was so biased it was not even funny and of course the ineviutable happened. The only real goal being scored by Holosko.

The first "goal" for FB involved an American footbal stype block to take out Zan, by Semih of course and the second was offside. How the scything down of Ernst was not a penalty only the moron in blue wil be able to tell you but this was one of the more incompetent referee displays this season and after some of the crap dished out to GS this season that is saying something!

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