Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh dear, oh dear

It appears that Fatih Terim is mad after all......earlier this evening I was teasing the Husband as England will not be at Euro 2008 and then about an hour later I found him crying with laughter in front of the computer which was open at the page that showed the Turkish Team for 2008.....and after I read it I could understand why he reacted.....what is this squad....

Emre Asik ffs??????????????????????????????? cannot get a game at GS and still in the Turkish squad!!!!!!

I mean why not ask Alpay to play?????

Who is going to score the goals, not Semih, who has regularly been found wantnig at International level and definitely not the others, what happened to Fatih Tekke, Umit Karan and Mehmet Yilmaz???

And for goalkeeper, an idiot, a has been and who??

Its such a shame that one of the best players this season in the Superlig Baris Ozbek holds a German passport, otherwise he should be in the squad as he has been a standout player for GS this season. And why is Ayhan in the squad, he cannot operate at the next level....

I hope I am wrong but I feel we will be home early...

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Jugular said...

How very democratic to include a "Fenerbahce" link on your blog!

This is not a direct reply to "Oh dear," with apologies; it's off-topic, but should be of interest to Turk-defenders everywhere.

I came upon a YouTube video that deserves wider recognition; there are over 2,000 on YouTube regarding the Armenian genocide issue, and most of them present the Armenian perspective. This was a refreshing one that provides a needed counterweight, and your readers could benefit by it:

“Stillfester Balloney’s Armenian Genocide EVIDENCE”