Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back on track

That was a much better performance on Saturday. I have to say that after recent results I was a bit worried about playing Kayseri who were sitting in 5th position and only 6 points behind. I guess I should not have worried as Galatasaray put in a competent if not earth shattering performance to win 2-0 with few scares in complete contrast to the dismal performance against Kasimpasa. I see Sabri is back and playing like he has a brain for once although I would prefer if Feldkampf left him out as it upsets the balance of the team with him in as he seems to have a negative mental influence.

So the top of the Lig is very tight with 1 point covering the 4 teams with Sivas hanging in there. I can only hope that the Kadikoy mob will suffer with the Chimps League matches in the next couple of weeks but I guess we will also be tired as we have the Fortis Cup to concern us although as we have been drawn to play Genclirbirligi we could put the reserves out and still win.....

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