Thursday, July 13, 2006

How was it for you?????

So that's the World Cup done and dusted, Zidane in retirement and hopefully a long ban for the cheating Eyetie. I cannot help but be sickened by the comments coming from Maserrati and his agent, "Me I dont know the word terrorist, I never mentioned his mother" when lip readers have basically confirmed what he said, how stupid is this guy, and the recent one about Totti, classic!!!!!!

Anyway I feel this was a slightly indifferent World Cup and although superbly organized and hooligan free, more Poles and Germans were arrested than English for goodness sake, there was no real high drama, except for the Oz matches. Even the final was hardly edge of the seat stuff.

On reflection Italy were not the best team and really how could such a boring, cheating team be allowed to win. Brazil were crap and the stand out team were Argentina but the coach messed their chances up.

Enough though as the real action starts now.

Galatasaray have started the transfer ball rolling taking Tolga Seyhan on loan and Okan Burak for free. There has been alot of questions asked about Okan but even at 32 he can probably do a job for the team, especially as Saidou has gone. I am not sure he will play 90 mins or even all the games but as I say he can come on and tighten things up as he more a midfiled player than a winger these days. Tolga I am not sure about so lets wait and see but he has got potential.

At the moment Galatasary are failing to impress on a tour of Belgium and Holland losing the first match to a team called Germs 1-0 and drawing with that powerhouse Lierse 1-1. Well it can, I hope, only get better....maybe the Club should stop paying them.

My how time flies though, World Cup finished and only 1 month to the start of the EPL and the Turkish Super Lig, add in Intertoto matches, Chimps and Uefa qualifying games and football is an all year sport!!!!!

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Oz Kanka said...

With the World Cup over I feel like someone who has been taken on a great date to a fantastic restaurant, first few courses were great, atmosphere fantastic, and then was dumped during the main course.

Final verdict: A very average World Cup