Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cheats Prosper

So England are out and the team with the worst disciplinary record and the worst attitude progress to the semi finals of the World Cup.

The amount of diving and cheating going on by the Portugese was a joke. Maniche made a clear dive clutching his face when it was clear he was not touched, where was the yellow card??? Figo spent most of the time falling over every time an English defender came near him and should of course not have been playing after the head butt in the Holland match.

I wonder whether Ronaldo will still be at Manchester United at the start of next season after his theatrics and blatant cheating. His part in Rooney's sending off was a disgrace. I thought FIFA had told players thath asking for psople to be booked etc. would result in a yellow card, but it appears that is not happening with Portugal who have managed to get three payers sent off by their asppaling whining attitude. Watching the tussle between Carvalho and Rooney, Carvalho had Rooneys leg in a scissors hold so just where was Rooney supposed to stand, and why was it not a free kick to England! His massive over reaction and Ronaldo's attitude got Rooney sent off. Pushing a player in the chest cannot surely be a red card. Still what mre can you expect from an Argentinian referee.

I am glad Scolari will not be the England coach next time because I would hate England to play the way Portugal do. Maybe its in the genes because Mourinho at Cheslki has his players doing the same.

Now for France to beat Brazil???


Oz Kanka said...

I agree with your post completely. The one thing I'd like to add though is that England were crap until Beckham and Rooney went off.

In the end extremely hard for England and Sven must really take a lot of the blame.

Oz Kanka said...

It's been a week and no posts from you Gulay. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.