Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Holiday Over....for now

Well after posting yesterday and getting some typing under my fingers I figured I should get back to what I do best.....FB bashing and GS supporting or something like that.

The last couple of weeks have seen some rather odd events in the World of Football. Zidane recieving a 3 match ban, Masernazi 1 2 match ban whihc was quite okay, anyone with facial hair like that should be banned anyway. Then we have the ridiculous saga of the Spaghetti leagues match fixing saga. First relegate them all, now reinstate 3 of them and watch Juve will be back in Serie A at the start of the season. Funny thing is though they have now sold most of their good players!!!!

Of course the Turkish League has its own scandal with Denizili apparently bribing Malatya to throw their match or something. The only surprsie for me is that it was not the Kadikoy brigade bribing Denizli to lose and therefore guaranteeing the titel, alhtough maybe that would have been way too obvious even for Aziz. And there's a story, reign, no-one else steps forward and then be reluctantly brought back!!! Good for stability that is, as is appointing Zico who fails to undertsand that Anelka and his brothers can barely survive on three ferraris a year and needs another multi milion transfer to top up the family coffers. With Appiah looking to leave it looks like the wait for Chimps League success and the next Super Lig title will have to wait. Shame.

As for Galatasaray a somewhat indifferent warm up camp finished with a resounding 4-1 win against FC Brussles. This sprouted contentnment!!!

Still no real transfer news for CimBom although it seems as if Heinz will be away due to injury. Actually other than Chelski and Real Madrid (who want to buy everyone) not many players seem to be moving yet, still there is a month to go until the window closes and teams like Man Utd have not even really started.

This last few weeks has been really hectic. Moving from Cleveland to New Jersey in the middle of a heatwave and then holiday has taken its toll and I am glad of the rest. Anyway by the end of this week it will be back to reality!!

Stop Press: I see the TFF have granted the chance to Galatasaray to get the season off to a winning start in Ankara on August 4th with an away game at Ankaraspor. Bad time of year to playing there actually with the heat but should be a relatively easy three points in the bag.

Bye for now......

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