Thursday, December 02, 2010

Transfer and corruption

Transfer: Elano has been transferred to Santos for the huge sum of $2.9m. Oh well it was fairly obvious he had lost the desire to play for Galatasaray and his body language after being substituted against Besiktas is now explained. Lets hope Misimovic follows him out and the club either trust in the younger players or buys a half decent striker.

Corrpution: When Preseident Putin is defening you then I think you have all the evoidence you need to understand just how corrupt FIFA is. I can understand up to a point why Russia got 2018. I mean its an opportunity for the country to fix some infrastructure and improve their stadiums used in the Russin Premier League. Of course the flip side is that probably 50% of the moeny will end up in the hands of the mafia and then there is the ever present threat posed by the right wing facistic skinhead supporters who will be overjoyed to have the African teams in Russia. Oh well at least the beers cheap.

But QATAR???????????? Why does a country of 1.2million need 12 soccer stadiums??????? Who wants to play in indoor air conditioned stadiums???? and given this is a Muslim country I cant wit to see what will happen when some bare chested bunch of English or Polish supporters need a beer or a shag.......oh and Qatar was implicated in a vote swap deal...

IN short FIFA prove themselves to be totally incompetent and corrupt, not that we di not know that already but the slimeballs that are on the executive committee are simply vomit inducing and really should be thrown out with Blatter........I hope now thta England did not get to host one of the events that their jouranlists catch some of these corrupt egomaniacs with either their trousers down or their hands in the till ....

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Ben said...

Hi Gulay,
An Aussie fan here, just wondering how u assess Neill and Kewell's season so far?
just wondering with the Asian Cup ahead?