Sunday, December 26, 2010

Its a wrap

So its farewell to Ali Sami Yen Stadium and to a half season that we would like to forget big time. I have to say that this ha sbeen on fo the worst half seasons I have ever seen from Galatasaray, its almost like the squad forgot how to play as a team. It looked to me as if Rijkaards heart was not in it at the start of the season, after all he only had a one year contract with an option for a second, then the useless transfers made by the club can hardly have excited him. Pino has proven to be okay without being able to score, Cana has been okay, Misimovic a disaster and Insua was a panic buy.

I have to say that I am skeptical as to whether we will see Baros in a GS shirt again and as for Arda, make up your mind, stay or go.

Unfortunately the team is going to be weakened at the start of the season as Lucas Neil and Kewell will be wasting their time in the Asian cup. I suppose we have to get used to this as the moron Splatter and his money grubbing, corrupt bunch of bank account fattening thieves have decreed that the world cup in Qatar should occur in the winter.

Personally I hope the major Football associations tell Fifa to fuck off but I cannot see it happening.....I mean seriously, lets change everything so we can have a World Cup in a homophobic, jihadist towel head state.....wonder how many tickets Jack Warner is going to make a profit off selling on the black market.......

Anyway I seriously hope that Hagi is able to kick some spirit into the squad and that a couple of new faces are brought in to freshen things up for the second half of the season..

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