Sunday, March 28, 2010


Why is Volkan Demirel allowed to play football?

Why is Lugano not sent off in every game?

I seriously hate all things blue and yellow right now and Cuneyt Cakir as well. This was not a game we deserved to lose and had we had some luck we would have won the game at least 2-0 based on the two penalties we should have been awarded but were not. Both events were on Giovanni and whilst the first one, the push in the corner was questionable, although if it was Alex it would have been given, the second in the third minute of injury time was a clear absolute penalty when Lugano grabbed his shirt and pulled him down. This was not Cakir's only bias against GS, I lost count of the number of time he would play advantage, realize GS were in a good position and then stop play to make them take the free kick giving FB chance to organize their defense. And why was Arda brought on, he achieved absolutely nothing.

Having said that it was a very poor pice of goalkeeping taht allowed FB to score. Cant see Franco being around next season.

So with three losses out of the last 4 matches I think we can kiss the championship good bye, after the start we had this season is turning out to be a big disappointment, of course the injury list has not helped but we should not be in fourth right now. I guess if Kewell and Baros had been fit we would not be, we would probably be looking down from the top of the Lig. The replacement players have not really performed, especially Elano and Jo.


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