Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 goals 3 points

As a training exercise for the run in, today was useful if not conclusive. Frankly this was a one sided match so it would be difficult to draw any useful conclusions, however it was good to see Baros get 20 minutes at the end of the match and get a goal on his restart.

Myself and the Husband watched the match at a Turkish restaurant in New York and due to the horrible weather and traffic we have been having we missed the first ten minutes so I cannot report much about Jo's first goal. I did however see the second and third goals of which Keita's was probably the better but Baros the most welcome. With Baros back and Kewell close to return it looks like we will be at or close to full strength for the rest of the season. All this and no Arda or Hakan Balta in the starting squad.

As I said a good competent performance from the team that condemns one of the second city teams to a nervous season close as they attempt to miss the drop into oblivion.

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