Monday, September 28, 2009

Run ends

So after becoming UEFA's team of the month and having not lost a game and hardly conceded a goal CimBom's run ended thanks to a rather bizarre goal conceded against Eskisehirspor.

This was probably Galatasaray's worst performance so far this season. Even though the game was mostly played in Eskisehirpsors half of the pitch there were not that many real clear cut goal scoring opportunities unless you ignore the 3 gold plated ones that Keita managed to waste. He really should have had a hat-trick before half time and those misses came back to result in 2 points wasted after one of the 2 chances they had resulted in a massive deflection and a goal. Thats football I guess but really we should have been out of sight by halftime. I have a feeling Rijkaard will be reminding the players that they have to play for all of the 90 minutes and that 1-0 is not a good scoreline. So now the Kadikoy mob who have playing dismal football are somehow top of the League with amazingly a 100% record.

Having said that CimBom never appeared to be in danger of losing this game as Eskisehirspor hardly threatened and the GS defence even without Emre Asik and Zan is looking solid with Ugur an able deputy to Hakan Balta who has been playing central defence the last couple of games.

Next up on Thursday are Sturm Graz in the Europa League at Ali Sami Yen and I really hope we get a better result than last time we played them. I would expect to see Elano and Baros starting this one as well as Ayhan who was on the bench for Sundays match in place of Nonda and Mehmet Topal and maybe Sarp. But lets see.


Ben Somerford said...

Gday Gulay!
Its Ben here from the blog on Aussies playing around the world.

I was hoping to get in touch with you to ask if you'd be willing to offer some of your opinions on our own Harry Kewell's time at Galatasaray.

I'd be after a few paragraphs on how he's going. Let us know at
Thanks mate

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Heeeelow .... calling Gulay .... are you there ???

Well well well, after being UEFA Team of the Month .... don't despair ! Galtasaray will still be the talk of Europe for the next month or so !!! Well, at least until Ankaragucu visit istanbul next year !!!

For all you cimbom fanatiks who like to keep abreast of your team, please go to ....
for a totally unbiased report of last Sunday's match.

Gecmisolsen Gulay !!

Murat Altinbasak said...

hugs from Rhode Island!
I'm slowly recovering from a Facebook hangover.. hope to be blogging again soon.

Gulay said...

Eski, what are you talking about......the 3-0 victory of Kayseri perchance????