Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6 more goals

So after the expected win over Besiktas last weekend it was a short hop over to Athens to put the Greeks firmly in their place with a 3-1 win over Panathinaikos in the first match of the Europa League group stage. Elano with 2 and Baros with the other, the only blemish on an otherwise excellent display was the goal conceded.

Then it was back to reality on Monday night with the short trip to Kasimpasa. By the way what is it with all of these Monday night matches? They used to be a very rare occurrence but now seem to happen every week, what happened to Friday night, Saturday and Sunday evening, those are the correct times for football not Monday. Anyway as I was saying reality hit rapidly with the poorest performance of the season rescued by Nonda with three goals in about 20 mins in the second half.

Although its the reality of modern day football with all the matches to be played but the constant changing of the team hardly helps the continuity needed to be consistently good. Still it was three more points, even if I had no nails left after the game and a potentially tricky match out of the way. Next up is Eskisehirspor who have re-established themselves in the Super Lig and a team who embarrassed CimBom last season so lets hope we give a better performance this year.

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

A belated ... iyi bayramlar ... to you and your family Gulay.

Have to concede that CimBom are looking really good this season. I don't think that Brazilbahce will stay the course till next May/June. Ooooops .... hope I didn't put the kisssss of death on them ??!!

Also have to concede that I'm not looking forward to next weekend when you come calling on Ankaragucu.

That's not to say that Ankaragucu's tails won't be up, but as I've said many times, you have to score first against the Istanbul 3 and put them under pressure, otherwise ......

I'm not sure at this stage of the season if Ankaragucu can put the frighteners under CimBom !!

Anyway, as always, I'll be there with the kankas to try and drown out the voices of the 'Ankara based' CimBom supporters !!!