Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So its the 88th minute, you are winning 1-0 and the opposition crosses the ball into the penalty area, your goalkeeper calls for the ball but you choose to head the ball out for a corner even though there is no opposition player within 10 meters of you. From the corner you fail to mark the opposition player who scores.

Congratulations to Mehmet Topal for 15 seconds of no concentration which effectively ended any chance CimBom had, slim as it was, of catching Sivas.

So another game and another good kicking session for Galastasaray. A string of free kicks not given, more players injured because of it, Baros and apparently no desire on the part of the referees to protect players. Given the lack of fit and available players this was an experimental team to say the least, especially in defence where Hakan Balta had a poor game, which is unusual for him actually.

Barring a major collapse from Sivas or Besiktas it would appear that one of those two will claim the SuperLig this season. CimBom still has to play both of these teams so although we are unlikley to be kings this season we certainly still have a chance to be a kingmaker.

Oh well things could be worse, we could play in Kadikoy.......

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