Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disgraceful Part 2

So as expected the TFF punisehd Galatasaray excessively after the Derby match. Having provided a referee who allowed blatant assault on GS players to the extent that a Emre was sent off because he got in the way of Luganos headbutt, thats the only reason I can think off, the Club Chairman has now been banned for 45 days, and we have to play one match behind closed doors and one home match away from Istanbul. Of course the Kadikoy mob were not penalized for their part in all of this other than a paltry fine. I recall a couple of seasons ago when GS fans were stabbed and assaulted in Kadikoy, smoke bombs thrown at Mondragon etc. and what the TFF do.......nothing. Nice and consistent there then.

Also could somebody please explain how and why Sabri has been banned for 2 matches, he can be irritating but was not sent off. I have to say that the 3 match ban for Arda is probably a good thing as he was not playing particularly well anyway and a spell on the sidelines may do him some good
Anyway todays match was a relatively queit affair settled by one piece of quality play between Nonda and and Baros and takes us up into 4th place.

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