Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The thot plickens

Three wins from three is not a bad start even if the performance against Bursaspor was only adequate. At least the team seems to be getting back into a winning mentality after the poor start to the second half of the season even if they could perform better as individuals and as a team.

Did not see much of the match thanks to an appalling feed from dodgyturk over the Internet. Its amazing that the feed during the match build up is fine, no interruptions, but as soon as the match starts......aaarghhhhh.......buffering, connection dropped, buffering, loading.......

It seems like the second half of the season has been unkind to all the teams at the top of the leahue with the gap between top and 5th now only 3 points after Sivas and Trabzon only drew or lost recently. Still making up that gaop requires Sivas to lose and I have to say it would be better if that happened before the last match iof the season.

Still it makes for more interest in the next few weeks.

Next up for Galatasaray is the UEFA Cup as the only remaining represnetatiove from Turkey in European action. One of these days another team might help obtain points for Turkey to improve representation in Europe but I am not exactly holding my breath on that one due to the sheer incompetence and inbability of any other team to play against teams who cannot be bought and competent, not to say, unbribeable refs. Anyway this will be a tough match away at Hamburg who are currently 5th on 42 points, whihc is actually a similar position to CimBom who are 5th with 43 points. Here's hoping that a large percentage of the 60,000 or so Turks who live in Hamburg make it to the match and turn it into a home game atmosphere against Martin Jol's team.

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