Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor, worse, terrible

The last three matches that is. Against Trabzonspor we probably deserved to win but as usual when we have been winning this season the referee feels the need to send one of our players off to enable the opposition to equalize and so it was against the Laz. Other than that the play was adequate.

Agasint Hamburg as a reult of having no central defenders in the squad after Emres red card and the wonderful decision to sell Meira we had Kewell at centre back and despite being 2-0 up managed to lose 2-3. Mostly a result of the feud between Bulent and Lincoln I believe and als the absolutely stupid decision to play Kewell at CB.

As for todays fiasco against Eskisehir, well allowing a team to score that only had 9 men on the pitch is appalling and the defence should take all the blame. And what on earth was going on by taking off Kewell and replacing him with Mehmet Guven....Only 2 players on the pitch appeared to be trying towards the end and that was de Sanctis and Ayhan. Arda gave up which is unforgiveable really and as for the rest well they never really got started. Given this was a must win match why was Lincoln not playing?

Bulent was a great player but I think we are seeing that he is not and is unliekly ever to be a particularly good coach. Today the team should have been fired up to reduce the gap to the top teams after they all drew or lost and what do we get, an inspid, technically poor and heartless display.


Trev442 said...

Hi there. I'm Trevor from FourFourTwo Australia. We're putting together a feature on what overseas fans think of their Australian club players. I was hoping to get your input on Harry Kewell. Could you email me on please?

Gulay said...


I can do that,

Oz Kanka said...

I see Trevor has been getting around.