Sunday, January 25, 2009

Excellent start........not

So the first match of the second half of the season was a bit of a disaster for Galatasaray.

A 2-0 loss at the hands of Sivasspor who also stretched the gap between GS and themselves at the top of the Lig to 4 points.

A look at the starting line up shows the state of the squad:

De Sanctis, Volkan, Emre Aşık, Hakan Balta, Ayhan, Mehmet Topal, Barış Özbek, Ümit Karan, Arda, Milan Baros.

No Emre Gungor, Meira, Servet in defence, no Lincoln or Linderoth in midfield, no Hasan, Kewell or Nonda in attack.

And then of course Umit got himself red carded after which Sivas socred both their goals. Given the fact that te conditions are so bad at the hole in the arse of the country that is Sivas I am not sure why the TFF allows matches to happen there as it is advantage to Sivas. Also teams that play their later in the second half get the benefit of civilized conditions.

Either they should buy floodlights, install underpitch heating or they should be forced out of the SuperLig or should be forced to play all their winter matches in Antalya and level conditions for everyone.

Plus any city that allows a kebab shop to be opened in a building where arson was committed and people killed is just sick!!


Oz Kanka said...

By the way, it was actually the last match of the first half of the season. And I agree with you concerning the Madimak.

Anonymous said...

There's way too much parity now in the Turkish League. Anyone but Fenerbahce is my motto this year!