Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back to business?

Ok so in the middle of the winter break from football what do the TFF decide to do....that's right play the Fortis Cup Matches. My question is that if the weather is okay and conditions generally good enough to play these games why not continue the SuperLig Programme. It seems to be the same every year that the winter break is completed and then the weather turns really bad and games get postponed etc.....madness.

Anyway Galatasaray are in Izmir today to take care of Altay. A win would put us top of the group on 7 points and in good position to advance to the next round of matches. However with the teams continued existence in the UEFA CUp as Turkeys sole representative team I am not sure how much a priority the Fortis Cup match and then the meaningless Radyospor Tournament matches against Beyer Leverksuen are. Given the teams injury luck this year I would prefer them to concentrate on the SUperLIg and UEFA and then use some of the less regular players in these Cup games.

As for the UEFA Cup we will be up against Girondins Bordeaux who are managed by one of the most cultured defenders ever in Laurent Blanc. Currently sitting second in the French Ligue and playing some good football they will be difficult to get passed. We played them in the Champs League a couple of season agoa with little success and they have had more stability since then than we have. Anyway on the assumption we have a full healthy squad there is no reason to fear them.


Oz Kanka said...

Your point about the winter break is spot on. Wonderful weather here in Ankara at the moment. Even if it is a bit cold. Why we aren't into the full swing of the second half of the season is beyond me.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Totally agree. The first half of the season doesn't end till weekend of 24/25 January.

We in Ankara are weary of Cup action since it doesn't really concern our great city !!!