Sunday, September 07, 2008

Road Win

So Turkey came away with a 2-0 road win against Armenia and England managed a 2-0 win against Andorra, keeping myself and the Husband happy. I have a feeling that Fatih Terim will be the happier of the two managers though.

Having said that playing teams like Andorra can cause problems as you play against 11 defenders, Turkey have also struggled against such teams and let us not forget that its not that long ago that Turkey were considered in the same breath as Andorra and Lichtenstein. Remember the 8-0 battering handed out by England. It seems that the so called bigger countries have developed not much recently whereas the smaller countries have improved a lot.

Turkey played quite well and it seemed like it was only a question of time before they scored and if the first goal was a bit scrappy the second was an excellent example of strikers anticipation.

Anyway a win is win and Turkey need to concentrate on getting ready for the next match against Belgium who overcam Estonia 3-2 at home. Once again though the TFF shoot themselves in the foot by insisting to play the game at the Olympic stadium thereby hadning an advantage to the opposition by reducing the impact of the crowd. Why are these people in charge of Turkish football???

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