Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chance to move up

So tomorrow we have Konyaspor, the bread eaters at home.

Quite a few injured players including Linderoth and Umit Karan as well as Sabri so I guess Hasan will continue at right back.

We really need to get a win tomorrow given that Trabzon are going like an express train at the top and FB have only won 2 games. I guess Aziz may need to adjust his ten year domination plan....

The Husband is happier today after Man Utd managed a win, albeit with some assistance from Rob Styles. Mind you after the Chavski game where Mike Riley seemed to be on a one man mission to book everyone in red it was nice to get a present from the ref today.

Wonder how long before the canaryites turn on Aziz, wont be long now I am sure.

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