Sunday, August 05, 2007

A win at last

So the Lions beat the might of Karsiyaka 1-0 with Barn Door Hakan actually scoring a goal.

So after drawing with Istanbul and Bolu at least it was a won. Lets just hope that performances during the real season are somewhat better.

Man Utd disposed of Chavski in the Community Shield today in a fairly competitive match. It was good to see Fat Frank Lampard have his penalty saved, if ever there is an overrated player that is one.

As for the Turkish Super Cup, I am not bothered who wins as long as it affects both clubs for the rest of the season, not very charitable you might say but I am sure that if GS were playing supporters of the two clubs in question would feel the same.

Roll on next weekend thats all I can say.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Totally agree (again !!) with Gulay. Who cares about the Super Cup when there are more prestigious competitions taking place elsewhere, eg,

The Ankara Sportswriters Cup and The Mevalana Konya Sportswriters Cup.

Check out `The Round Ball in Ankara` for all the exciting details and scores !!

Oz Kanka said...

Gulay, get yourself over to Nathan's blog and start gloating!