Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not too shabby.....

Welcome back SuperLig.

Welcome back Galatasaray and

Welcome back to winning ways.

All things considered and given the rather woeful form shown in the pre-seaon friendlies today was a good day. Yes the Lions opened up with a 4-0 win over the teamen at the empty and white elephantish Olympic stadium.

I will be the first to state that I missed the game. I watched the Trabzon Sivas bunfight and then our internet connection died!!!!!!! AArgh and I still have not seen the goals as even the official site has still not posted them and neither has Lig TV although the IBB goals are already there.

Here was the team which was expected although Tomas did not even make the bench...

Orkun, Sabri, Song, Servet, Volkan, Barış, Linderoth, Lincoln, Ayhan, Hakan Şükür, Ümit Karan

And the goals were scored by:

14' Lincoln (1-0) 72' Volkan Yaman (2-0) 77' Hakan Şükür (3-0) 84' Hakan Şükür (4-0)

All in all thats a good start, a good goal difference, 3 points in the bag and even better with the success of the other Istanbul (Ayrupa) teams.

Lets hope that it carries through to Thursday and the Uefa Cup match.

I wonder how many matches Trabzon will be paying with an empty stadium.....that was an absolute disgrace.....I mean compared to the FB GS game and at least no one was kicking supporters.......

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yes, tut tut tut and Trabzon will surely receive a hefty punishment.

However, as everyone should know, these Black Sea boys have short tempers and Sivas players should have been warned beforehand !!