Saturday, February 17, 2007

Trail of incompetence

The Husband here again.

Just finished watching the Galatasaray Gaziantepspor match and also the Man Utd Reading match in the FA Cup. On view tonight was one known incompetent, who generally lived up to his reputation, and one total and relatively new incompetent who proved he should not be a referee in the Super Lig. I refer of course to Messrs Poll and Deda. Now we all know about Mr Poll but Cem Deda excelled himself in the GS Antep game.

In the last 10 minutes there were two clear penalties for Galatasaray, one for the clear foul on Hasan by Fukrat (or whatever the hell his name was) and one for the tosting of Oakn guessed it Fukrat. There was a third on Umit but that was less clear. According to Mr Deda it is not a penalty when the defender slides through from the back takes your legs before getting the ball, and when you complain it is a yellow card. That was only one of his many poor decisions and let me be clear he was consistently incompetent with regard to decisions made against both GS and Antep. This man is so incompetent I bet his boots have velcro on them so he does not have to worry about tying his own laces!

This was a frustrating game as GS dominated but could not get close to the goal, partly because of the incompetence of Mr Deda but aslo partly because of the Antep game plan which seemed to rely on fouling any GS player with 25meters of the goal and hoping Mr Deda gave them the free kick? It worked too.

As for the Antep goal there was a non-free kick awarded by the ever consistent Mr Deda from which they scored. Not much else to say really except that even Mr Poll would have managed to get at least some of the decisions correct.

Anyway its a setback in the race for the championship and all we can hope is that Sakaryaspor can pull off a surprise result in Istanbul on Sunday, faint hope but anything is possible.


Oz Kanka said...

What a cutey. Leanna I mean, not Mr. Deda

Eski Kanka Jim said...

An absolute cracker. Leanna I mean, not Mr Poll !!!

Cenk said...

woowww woowww wooowww

i just update msn live which shows whole the email addresses on the screen. i was scrolling down it and saw gulay s email & searched on Google found the little cute gulay s daughter photo..

Congratulation's Gulay. It has been so long without getting any news from you.. vaoovvv again :)

I hope you are doing very well..

Best wishes for you as always..

You are great person and deserve always the best;like little Leanna..

Very old friend from istanbul who lives now in London. damn it :))


Gulay said...

Thanks for the comments and Cenk good to hear from you again