Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy days

This has been a good weekend.


Fenerbahce lose.
Galatsaray win.
Manchester United win.

The only negative was Chelsea also won but that would, perhaps be too much to ask for.

Good game today with a performance that was about 500% better than last weeks garbage. Considering the start that Vestel Manisaspor had they have fallen off the pace rather badly and seemed a shadow of the team that existed before the winter break. Still, who cares as long as the might CimBom keep on rolling, catch and overtake the budgies from Kadikoy......again. How ironic that would be for the same meltdown to happen two years in a row. Probably it will not but one can only hope.

Umit Karan had a stormer today and finally Inamoto appeared to remember why he was picked for Japan. Ilic gave another strong performance although I have to say the defence still makes me hyperventilate occasionally. Wish we could have brought reinforcements in during the transfer window.

Actually, having seen the results from yesterday I am beginning to think that the draw last week in Kayseri was not a bad result given the pasting they gave Ankaragucu on Saturday. Nothing like a trip to the second city to get your dander up and give the AC Milan wannabes a lesson in passing, shooting and generally playing football.

Dont know if anyone else caught it but I watched the Wigan Areshole game as well and Henry gave another demonstration as to why he is NOT a class player. His gloating and frankly childish reaction to the won goal that Wigan conceded to bring L'Arse level (from an offside cross) went unpunished but I really think his attitude sucks. He may be a technically gifted player but when you do things like that you merely incite stuff and he was lucky it was not a more fiery character than Kirkland that he did it to.

I think thats about it.


Oz Kanka said...

AC Milan wannabes? Ankaragucu play in yellow and blue. The real AC Milan lookalikes won 1-0 on Sunday

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yeah, right on Oz !

ANKARAGUCU are more like Colchester United wannabees, with apologies to Trainspotting Kanka !!!

More details about your wee bairn please Gulay, and congratulations from all us Ankara Kankas.

Gulay said...

Thats what happens when the Husband's brain gets scrambled. Maybe should have just said Istanbul wannabies....

Thanks and more details to follow.