Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Starts

Today we had the first snow of the winter in NJ. Well we had snow back in October but that was weird. Started during the night and its still snowing right now. Not too much though just a modest 3 to 4 inches and give the fact that the weather forecast is anticipating warmer weather this week I doubt this will be around for too long. Thankfully we bought a new car last year which has All Wheel Drive so bring on the snow!!!

I see the clubs threatened by relegation die to their corrupt practices are lobbying for points deductions rather than relegation. As a GS supporter I propose that any club where individuals are convicted of match fixing should be shut down and the stadium redeveloped as a pig farm and all their trophies and results cancelled. Because clubs like that bunch of shit from Kadikoy seem to think they are above the law and should be erased from history.

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