Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talk about biased

So what to do when you are 2-1 down and you need a quick fix. Hope Cuneyt Cekir is your referee, foul the defender to the point he bangs you in the face once the ball has gone out for a throw in and lo an behold he will give you a penalty and send the defender off. I mean this guy is incompetent, anyone who watches football knows that, but how on earth he managed to work out that FB deserved a penalty after Lugano was clearly fouling Ferrari only he and his conscious knows, but hey I guess his new villa is now paid for.

As for Galatasary well the struggles continue, but at leas we are winning our home matches but I don't think we will be in Europe next season so I guess Baros, Kewell and Neil will be off.

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