Monday, August 16, 2010


So the new season opened with a trip to Sivas, the place that turned a murder and arson location into a Kebab shop...such sensitive souls.

And the new season started with failure. First half CimBom played okay and gained a 1-0 lead after only seven minutes through Sarp. For some reason the referee decided to get involved and awarded Sivas a free kick after a foul on Lucas Neill from which an own goal was scored thanks to a rather large push in the back on Ali Turan. After that it was all downhill and the referee's have obviously decided to not bother waiting until later in the season but start with the crap decisiosn from match day one.

Second half GS were poor and looked very tired, with the defense being opened up on a number of occasions.

Not sure why Baros only got 20 minutes and where was Pino? Some strange selections but there should be enough quality in the Galatasary squad to see off the likes of Sivas.