Thursday, January 07, 2010

Transfer Window

Its officially known as the Transfer Window but in reality its more of the silly season when Galatasaray are linked with all kinds of players who they have absolutely no chance of signing. I am not even going to bother with the list of people who have been linked to CimBom as it si about half the players in the world.

Having said that we probably need a central defender and a striker to cover for Baros and the permanently injured Zan and Gungor.....

Apparently we have or are about to sign Ali Turan from Kayseri which should help with the defense but as for a striker who knows, maybe Ruud really is going to arrive but somehow I doubt it and with the rumors about Kewell we definitley need to add someone.

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Oz Kanka said...

I see you've been sort-of trolling at Vassell's blog. Happy new year and all that and worst of luck in the second half of the season.