Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cup Success

I am still pissed about what happened on Sunday so I am going to refrain from too many comments other than to the following:

1) Offside
2) Penalty.....having a laugh??
3) Just how much money was made available......9 minutes to count your money is ridiculous when it delays kick off.

And to cap it all Baros suffered the dreaded curse of the Metatarsal and is likely out until January.

So it was with relief that we could concentrate on the Turkish Cup this week and celebrate a win over Bucaspor 2-1. Of note was that Linderoth played 65 minutes. I really hope that he has finally overcome his injury problems as he will be a welcome addition back into the midfield as back up for Ayhan and Sarp.

Next up are Sivasspor at Ali Sami Yen and hopefully last yeasr surprise team will be put firmly back in their box and GS get their campaign back on track.

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